Survival Swimming Programs

One effective way to prevent drowning is to teach children to swim. The Swim Vietnam eighteen lesson learn to swim program teaches school age children how to swim and survive. All children are assessed at the beginning and end of the program. On completion of the program children should be able to swim at least 25 meters and tread water of over one minute. Children also learn basic water safety and rescue skills.

Swim Teacher Training

All Swim Vietnam teachers are trained to international standards and hold the AUSTWIM teacher of swimming and water safety. We work in partnership with AUSTSWIM to train our own teachers and also to train swim teachers for other organisations in Vietnam. We have trained over 150 teachers. In addition 2 of these teachers have been trained as AUSTSWIM teacher trainers and presenters to ensure a sustainable program. We are currently working with AUSTSWIM to train an additional 13 AUSTSWIM presenters in order to meet the huge demand in Vietnam for high quality swimming and water safety teachers.

Classroom Based Water Safety Education

We would ideally want to teach all children in Vietnam to swim. But as this is currently not possible we have developed a basic classroom based water safety program. This is aimed at primary school children and allows us to reach a large amount of children and deliver a basic water safety and survival message. We have worked with the Vietnam Education Department to give this life saving education to over 30,000 primary school children.

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