About Our Team

Jo Stewart

Director & Founder
Jo Stewart is from Scotland, however in 2007 she was living in Singapore pursuing a successful career in finance. She was a member of the Tribob triathlon training club (now called Metasport) and discovered their desire to help save children’s lives in Vietnam. She resigned from her role as senior manager in investment management and volunteered to travel to Vietnam to start and run the swimming program, which was initially intended to operate for three to six months, but is still going from strength to strength today.Jo worked full time with Swim Vietnam for seven years however now working part time overseeing the charity. She is now based in HCMC where she is setting up a commercial swim school Paul Sadler Swimland HCMC.

Doan Minh Trung

Swim Vietnam Manager
Trung is manager of the program. He has been working for Swim Vietnam for eight years. He is one of only two AUSTSWIM teacher trainers in Vietnam. He is also a Royal Life Saving certified trainer of lifeguards and CPR. He lives in Hoi An and has 2 children.

Meet some other members of our team

Pham Van Sanh

Swim Vietnam Pool Supervisor & Trainee AUSTSWIM Presenter
As a child, Sanh’s dream was to become a teacher. He has now been at Swim Vietnam for 6 years and is one of Swim Vietnam’s longest serving teachers. He is a wonderful teacher and an extremely funny person, as well as father to 2 sons aged 23 and 21. Swim Vietnam Director, Jo Stewart’s, favourite memory of Mr. Sanh was when he initiated a game at a Swim Vietnam welcome party for some Australian volunteers.
The purpose of the game was to clutch a coin between your buttocks, waddle over to a cup and attempt to drop the coin directly into the cup. Fortunately everyone was fully clothed so it was not too obscene, but was hilarious and the Aussie volunteers were highly amused! When asked to describe himself in 3 words Sanh said “I am a funny and adventurous perfectionist.” Mr Sanh, our 3 words are, “We love you!!!!”

Le Thi Cuc

Swim Vietnam Senior Teacher and Trainee AUSTSWIM Presenter
Teacher Cuc has been working with Swim Vietnam for 2 years. She looks extremely young but she is married and actually has a 9 year old son. Cuc is a natural at working with very young children, from 2 to 5 years old. She is calm, patient, fun and nurturing. Parents appreciate her attention to detail and her true love for their children. She works for Swim Vietnam part time, her other job is making pieces of art by embroidery. This job needs an incredible amount of patience and great imagination. Besides swimming, she loves traveling with her family as traveling makes her happy and increases the emotional bonds within her family.

Le Van Hien

Swim Vietnam Teacher
Teacher Hien is 50 years old and has taught with Swim Vietnam for 2 years. He is a happily married man with 3 children. He is also a sports teacher at Tien Phuoc school. Hien’s hobbies include swimming and football. He is a big fan of Netherlands football team and would love to see them play live. He has a beautiful voice and he often sings romantic ballads and countryside music. Hien was selected as teacher of the month because he is fantastic with the kids, especially ones who are scared.


Swim Vietnam Admin, Finance & Sponsorship Assistant
Duy has been working at Swim Vietnam from three years. She is an easy-going girl with loads of personality. Her hobbies are traveling, cooking and reading. Her goal is always to travel somewhere new at least once a year. Her long term goal is to travel to all countries in Asia . She spends the rest of her spare time cooking and creating different dishes and also reading her favourite books. She loves to eat, especially local foods but her particular favourite is Thai food. Her motto in life is “Happiness is a journey, it is not a destination.” So she always enjoys every happy moment in the present.

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